Deep Learning Part I Applied Math and Machine Learning Basics 1

We begin with general ideas from applied math. Next, we describe the fundamental goals of machine learning. This elementary framework is the basis for a broad »

TESL Overview of Supervised Learning 1

We have used the more modern language of machine learning. In the statistical literature the inputs are often called the predictors, and more classically the independent »

TESL Introduction

TESL--The Elements of Statistical Learning Supervised learning is it has the presence of the outcome variable to guide the learning process. In the unsupervised learning problem, »

P4DA Data Loading, Storage, and File Formats 2

Json Data JSON (short for JavaScript Object Notation) has become one of the standard formats for sending data by HTTP request between web browsers and other »

P4DA Data Loading, Storage, and File Formats 1

Input and output typically falls into a few main categories: reading text files and other more efficient on-disk formats, loading data from databases, and interacting with »